Saturday, April 23, 2005

Week In Review April 22

Two suicide car bombs blew up in central Baghdad, killing fifteen and injuring thirty.[BBC News] A bomb in Kirkuk killed twelve Iraqi guards,[Al Jazeera] an American contractor was kidnapped north of Baghdad,[BBC News] and Marla Ruzicka, an activist from California who made it her mission to count the number of civilian casualties in Iraq, was killed in Baghdad by a suicide bomber.[Guardian]
-I've read and heard about this so many times over the past few years that it no longer has a disturbing affect on me... A disturbing thought in itself.

In the United States, Eric Rudolph, a Christian terrorist, pleaded guilty to several bombings, including those at the Atlanta Olympics in 1996, an abortion-clinic bombing in 1998, and an attack on a gay nightclub in 1997.[BBC News]
-I'm sure Jesus told him to do it, so it's okay in his warped brainwashed little mind

Prompted by the credit-card industry, which made $30 billion in profits last year, the House approved new legislation that will make it much harder for families to declare personal bankruptcy.[American Progress Action][New York Post]
-Just go see
The Corporation, already

Fewer than half of all Californians approved of the job Arnold Schwarzenegger was doing as governor,[Guardian]

-And were supposed to be surprised by this?

Zoo officials in Johannesburg, South Africa, were pressuring one of their chimps to stop smoking.[Reuters]
-I love monkeys

As pilgrims washed away their sins in India's sacred Narmada River, a dam was opened upstream, releasing a wall of water that drowned fifty-two people.[ABC News]
-Maybe the 52 had too many sins to wash away?

Catholic cardinals convened a conclave,[ABC News]
-Hail Hitler... I mean the new pope.

A Christian radio talk-show host was fired for questioning whether the dead pope would go to heaven.[]

The United Nations released a video game called “Food Force” that lets players pretend they are feeding the starving,[BBC News]
-If you didn't think the UN was usless before, this should put it to rest. The resources spent making a video game far outweigh those of actually feeding third world nations, I'm sure of it.

Let Your Interpretations Run Wild

Monday, April 18, 2005

Week In Review - April 11-16

Eighteen people died when a U.S. helicopter crashed in Afghanistan. The Taliban claimed they shot down the helicopter; the United States blamed bad weather.[BBC News][Chicago Tribune]

-Interesting that their stories contradict each other?

Iraq's parliament elected Jalal Talabani, a Kurd, as president; his Presidency Council then named Ibrahim Jaffari, a Shiite, as prime minister.[BBC News]


Senior American defense officials noted several positive developments in Iraq: only thirty-six American soldiers, they said, died there this March; attacks on allied forces were down to thirty or forty a day; and by early 2006, only 105,000 American soldiers may be needed in the country.[New York Times]

-Great, only 36 families can mourn their loved ones for the rest of their existence over a war waged on lies- not bad at all...morons!

Tens of thousands of Iraqis held a nonviolent march in Baghdad to protest the American occupation,[Reuters] tens of thousands of Lebanese held a mass jog through Beirut to show national unity,[AP] and thousands of Chinese rallied to protest Japanese history textbooks.[The Australian]

-Can't we all just get along?

The Bush Administration was working to gain access to records of international money transfers,[New York Times] and transcripts of legal proceedings at Guantanamo Bay were released. “I don't care about international law,” said the president of a military tribunal in one transcript. “I don't want to hear the words 'international law' again. We are not concerned with international law."[AP]

-Yeah international law is only important when it's used to facilitate something of interst to you, I mean isn't it?

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Funny, but true?

Well I think I've commented enough on Bush lately, so I'll just let this pic speak for itself. To see more cartoons like this one, take a look HERE, this guy is brilliant

Monday, April 04, 2005

Week in Review for March 31

In Minnesota, an overweight loner Chippewa neo-Nazi goth teenager shot and killed his grandfather and his grandfather's girlfriend, then went to his high school and shot and killed a security guard, five students, a teacher, and himself.[BBC News] The National Rifle Association suggested that such rampages could be stopped if teachers armed themselves. [AP]

Florida lawmakers were considering an Academic Freedom Bill of Rights, intended to stamp out "leftist totalitarianism," that would allow students to sue teachers who insist that evolution is factual.[] Several IMAX theaters in the American South decided not to show a film about volcanoes because it might offend Christians [AP]

Russian doctors grew a penis on a man's arm,[]

President George W. Bush's approval rating was at 45 percent, the lowest of his presidency; only 32 percent of those polled thought that economic conditions were good or excellent.[AP] Less than half of Americans supported the President's plan for Social Security,[AP] and a thirteen-year-old Arizona girl threw an egg at the president's motorcade. She was arrested.[Common Dreams]

The United States approved the sale of U.S. F-16 fighter jets to Pakistan, upsetting India. The United States was also planning to sell fighter jets to India.[BBC News] Venezuela ordered 100,000 assault rifles from Russia; Donald Rumsfeld said that was too many.[Sign On San Diego]

Western Christians celebrated Easter. In the Philippines, fourteen men were crucified, one for the nineteenth time.[The Independent] Seventy-eight percent of Americans believe that Christ rose from the dead,[Newsweek]

Israel was preparing to attack Iran's nuclear facilities with helicopters, guns, and dogs, [Times Online]

Starbucks came to Guantanamo Bay [New York Times]