Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Get em while they're young!

-from mblog

President George W. Bush delivered a pep talk on Sunday to thousands of Boy Scouts, urging them not to waver after four tragic deaths and a rash of heat-related illnesses cast a pall over their camping "Jamboree." More than 32,000 Boy Scouts and leaders from across the United States are attending the 10-day Jamboree.

Leve it to Dubya to work in a little brainwashing at the boy scouts jaomboree lol:

Bush said the Boy Scouts "understand that freedom must be defended," and touted what he called the "armies of liberation." The Army has fallen behind its recruiting goals amid the Iraq war. "When you follow your conscience and the ideals you've sworn as a Scout, there is no limit to what you can achieve for our country," Bush told the crowd, which chanted "USA, USA."

Kids - now that your all in high spirits, visit the booths we've set up beside the stage to read through an "information package" on our army. One day when you've reached the draft eligible age, you too can fight for freedom and bring democracy to more countries that don't want us there.


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