Thursday, August 11, 2005


I am sick and tired of hearing about Terrell Owens in the news. Comparing himself to Jesus, not showing up for training camp because he wants to re-negotiate his 7 year, $49 million US contract, lifting weights and playing basketball in front of a media circus when he gets kicked out of training camp. Get a life you over-paid jag off.

If it wasn't for the NFL you'd be selling rock in the streets as it's obvious you don't have the mental capacity to work a real job. Below are the top five T.O. stunts in his NFL career:

1. Sharpie-gate: Owens whipped out a Sharpie pen from his sock and signed a football for his business agent after a touchdown on Monday Night Football in Seattle in October 2002.

2. The Stomping of the Star: In September 2000 Owens raced to midfield of Texas Stadium to twice celebrate touchdowns on the famed Cowboys' star logo -- arms outstretched, head tilted skyward, toward the hole in the roof and the heavens. Owens, of course, was tackled by vigilante Cowboys safety George Teague after his second sprint to midfield, setting off a near brawl.

3. The Playboy Interview: Owens granted Playboy an interview this past offseason, and surprise, surprise, the magazine seemed to ask questions relating to a sexual nature. One of which led Owens into at least intimating that quarterback Jeff Garcia, his former 49ers teammate, was gay. "Like my boy tells me,'' Owens said, "if it looks like a rat, and smells like a rat, by golly, it is a rat.''

4. Desperate Cross-Promotion: Desperate Housewives co-star Nicolette Sheridan drops her towel to seduce T.O. into not taking the field against the Cowboys.

5. The Greg Knapp sideline scream-fest: Owens went off on his 49ers offensive coordinator, Greg Knapp. One of the nicer guys in the game, Knapp endured a ridiculous verbal thrashing from Owens on the San Francisco sideline in the Metrodome, all because things weren't going so swell for Owens in his mano a mano duel with Pro Bowl Vikings receiver Randy Moss.

Not a bad start, wonder what this jackass will do next


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