Tuesday, December 20, 2005


I'm not a fan of Stephen Harper to begin with, not just because he looks like a creepy child molester, but also for his views on various current affairs. For example, his stance on the Iraq war. He was probably one of, if not the biggest, advocate upon the initial invasion. Going to such extremes as taking out newspaper adds appologizing to the US that Canada wasn't showing more support.

It looks like Harper's mouth and knees have gotten sore enough over the past two years to enable him to stop sucking America's cock and actually realise that the war was completely fabricated. On second thought he's probably just realised that the large majority of Canadians don't in fact support the war which is a contradiction to what he said in 2003 when he told Fox news that the majority of Canadians outside of Quebec supported the US led invasion. He also introduced a motion in the Commons asking Canada to support the war. Following are a few quotes I dug up supporting this claim:

"We should have been there, shoulder to shoulder with our allies."

With respect to the liberals waffling on the issue: "They argue one day that there are no weapons of mass destruction, yet warn such weapons might be used. They tell us the war was immoral, then moral but impractical, then practical but unjustified."

Now - December 13th, he has this to say:

If I were prime minister, we would not be involved in Iraq. I would encourage the Americans and hope they're successful, but our government would not be there." Conservative Leader Stephen Harper, Dec. 13, 2005 at a press conference in Trenton, Ont.

Thank your for telling the public whatever you think the majority want to hear, even though your still supporting the fact they went in and murdered thousands of innocent people. If your elected, I'm moving because the thought of being America's 51st state (which, based on your comments on not only these issues but countless others, seems a likely outcome).

hmmmm, maybe I should start a political career

James out


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